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Licensed Security Guards

Security Guards — Top of the Hill Security in Toowoomba, QLD
Top of the Hill Security’s guards are fully trained and licensed to carry out a variety of services relating to safety and security management for private and large-scale events.

The best way to ensure your event will run smoothly, with everyone safe and sound, is to enlist an experienced and reliable security team to assess and manage any risk, and to be on the ground during the event to enable a fast response if required.

Don’t let a lack of security negatively impact the event or business experience for your attendees and staff.

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Event Security Guards

Top of the Hill Security’s team of skilled, experienced and trained professionals work to ensure your event runs smoothly. The safety and protection of all staff and attendees is our top priority. We also offer mobile patrolling services where routine and random checks are performed in vulnerable areas such as storage areas and car parks. The presence of our event security personnel gives everyone peace of mind as we provide security for people, property and equipment.
Event Security — Top of the Hill Security in Toowoomba, QLD

Property Protection

Shoplifting, employee or supplier fraud and administrative errors cost Australian retailers $2.7 billion per year, according to the 2014-2015 Global Retail Theft Barometer. Without proper security and plans in place, such costs will continue to rise. This issue doesn’t only relate to the retail industry but impacts businesses in all industries. At Top of the Hill Security we help our clients minimise losses and ultimately maximise their profits. Our team of security professionals will design and implement strategies to make sure your property and assets are protected.
Security Services — Top of the Hill Security in Toowoomba, QLD

Nightlife Venues

Whether it’s a pub, club, bar or other special occasion such as a concert or festival, our team of security experts are trained to handle busy venues where crowd control, traffic and parking management are big concerns.

Contact us to discuss event planning, consultancy and emergency risk management. Our experienced team will assess your needs and devise a plan that will ensure the safety of you, your staff and your patrons, and ensure the success of your event.

Mine Sites

Our Mine Protection Officers (MPOs) and security personnel provide mine access control and emergency response services. Our experienced team members work to ensure a safe and productive work site. Following the best practice in mine protection, our team make sure that workers have the protection they need to ensure they are working in a safe work site. As well as general security, roving mobile mine site, housing and camp site patrols, we can also manage site access control, handle visitor inductions, respond to alarms, review and assess CCTV surveillance, act as first responder and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional security guard?
Professional security guards have undertaken training, on-the-job experience and have the relevant qualifications and licenses to enable them to provide efficient safety and crisis management.
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